DLMG’s core competency is construction of unique solutions through identification, integration, and consolidation of resources, and a project management process that ensures success. To do this, DLMG provides a full spectrum of planning and management that optimize readiness, quality, and value. The following are some of DLMG’s capabilities:  

  •  Facility Operations 
  •  Property Book Management 
  • Administrative and Personnel 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Vehicle and Support Equipment Maintenance  
  • Janitorial Services and Support
  •  Equipment and Property Inventory and Control
  • Warehouse Operations and Management (high tech cameras)
  • Data Management
  • Bottle Water
  • Security Systems Installation and Services
  • Program Management and Systems Integration
  • Real-Estate Management
  • Automotive Maintenance Repair and Management
  • Professional Personnel Recruiting
  • General Construction
  • Software Integration