About Us

Defense Logistics Management Group, Inc. (DLMG) is a service disabled veteran-owned small business corporation based in Killeen, Texas. Our main office is headquartered in Bell County, the heart of the largest military installation within the United States. We provide all the necessary foundational capabilities required to establish a truly integrated environment for service operations. We provide a creative approach to the traditional service of public contracts. Our Government Contracting Professionals provide a broad range of services and expertise to clients at every stage of the business cycle. We use an aggressive, results-oriented approach to find unique and practical solutions based on a thorough understanding of complex and rapidly changing business situations facing clients.  

We assist companies in a variety of industries with leveraging opportunities to facilitate business growth. DLMG provides high-quality alternatives to in-house resources in areas such as business development, production planning, inventory control, and quality assurance. We also provide businesses the ability to access, manage and optimize government opportunities in military logistics, supply and maintenance contracting areas. We target small minority owned businesses and medium-sized companies in high growth areas such as real-estate, construction and logistics.  

DLMG focuses on people, processes and technology, three interrelated elements that impact an organization’s performance, cost management, and compliance objectives. We optimize the performance of these three elements and reduce cost and cycle times on service and repair operation. Our mission is to provide our clients and partners with professional, highly skilled staff and services to secure government and commercial contracts.